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A comprehensive illustrated guide to Egyptian Religion & culture. Discover fascinating facts & information about Egyptian Religion and the deities and gods of ancient Egypt. Discover the secrets of the temples, the priests who served in them & the rituals, festivals & ceremonies filled with the magic of the ancient Egyptians. Learn about their cult centers & the local gods worshipped in Egyptian religion. The practices & beliefs in Egyptian religion & magic that were practised including the use of 'magic spells', sacred amulets & lucky charms.

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Ancient Egyptian Religion, Culture, Beliefs, Practices and Magic
Discover the history, culture and civilization of ancient Egypt and Egyptian Religion. Culture is a term that has many different inter-related meanings that characterizes a group of people in terms of their beliefs, practices and behavior. These patterns of behaviour, practices and beliefs in religion and magic were practised across all the different social units and classes of the ancient Egyptians and endured across generations for thousands of years. The culture, religion and history of the ancient Egyptians and the people of old Egypt are referred to in most articles provided in this website. Discover facts and information about the religion, beliefs, magic, rituals and ceremonies of the ancient Egyptians including the mysterious rituals and ceremonies held in the temples, different forms of worship and religious cults and the festivals enjoyed by the ancient Egyptians. Fascinating facts and information about ancient Egyptian religion, beliefs, magic and magic spells which formed so a large part of the culture of the ancient Egyptians. This section on Egyptian Religion is accompanied by pictures and helpful, easy fact sheets making the study of the Ancient Egyptians easy and informative. Kids and students will enjoy the learning process and demonstrate a high level of understanding of Egyptian Religion, Culture, Beliefs, Practices and Magic following research on this section of the site.

Egyptian Religion, Culture, Beliefs, Practices and Magic
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Ancient Egyptian Religion, Culture, Beliefs, Practices and Magic

Ancient Egyptian Religion

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Talisman and Amulets

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Ankh Magic Symbol

The Menat Necklace

Double Plume Feathers

Papyrus Scepter Amulet

The Single Feather of Ma'at

Color Symbolism & Meanings

Symbolism and Meaning of Black

Symbolism and Meaning of Red

Symbolism and Meaning of Blue

Symbolism and Meaning of Green

Symbolism and Meaning of Yellow

Symbolism and Meaning of White

The Nefer amulet

Ancient Egyptian Culture

Bes, the dwarf god talisman

The Angles of Thoth amulets

The Aper amulet

Heart amulets

Djed amulets

Cartouche, or Name Amulet

The Sa Talisman

Scarab amulets

The Tyet

Two Fingers Talisman

Golden Collar Amulet

Eye Amulets

Ladder talisman

Snake Head talisman

The Sma talisman

The Steps amulet

Sun Disk talisman

Frog talisman

Pillow Amulet

Lotus amulet

Fish amulet

Vulture Amulet

Circle of Ouroboros

Ancient Egyptian Religion, Culture, Beliefs, Practices and Magic
The different gods, goddesses, local and national deities that featured in ancient Egyptian religion and the practice of creating new gods by combining them with old gods. Facts about the 'human hybrid' gods with the heads of animals. Facts and information about the religious beliefs, ceremonies, rites and practises of the people of ancient Egypt. The priests, the cults, the temples and the offerings made in religious worship. The festivals, parades and great river processions to celebrate the gods of ancient Egypt. A guide and overview of the religious beliefs and practises of ancient Egypt including the underworld and the afterlife and the role of the pharaohs and kings of ancient Egypt.

Egyptian Religion
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Egyptian Religion

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