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A comprehensive illustrated guide to Egyptian Art. Discover fascinating facts and information about Egyptian Art and architecture. Learn about the distinctive art style, patterns and designs that were used by the ancient Egyptian artists over thousands of years. Unravel the secret meanings of the many symbols found in examples of ancient Egyptian art and architecture. Find out facts and information about the color symbolism used in ancient Egyptian art and architecture and the highly stylized depictions of the gods in ancient Egyptian art and architecture.

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Ancient Egyptian Art & Architecture
Discover the history, culture and civilization of ancient Egypt and Egyptian Art. An illustrated guide to ancient Egyptian Art, architecture and crafts of the ancient Egyptian people. All of our articles are accompanied by pictures, images and paintings bringing ancient Egyptian Art to life and enabling a better understanding of each subject. All of the sections of this website have examples of art in paintings and pictures of Egyptians which provide illustrations of  Egyptian art in the form of their symbols, the design of their clothing, their architecture, decorations and jewelry that accompanied them and formed part of Egyptian art history.

Egyptian Art
Click a link for additional information and interesting facts about subjects relating to Egyptian Art or other aspects of daily life, the people and places of ancient Egypt.

Ancient Egyptian Art & Architecture

Ancient Egyptian Art

Symbolism and Meaning of Red

Symbolism and Meaning of Black

Symbolism and Meaning of Green

Symbolism and Meaning of Blue

Symbolism and Meaning of Yellow

Symbolism and Meaning of White

Color Symbolism

Meanings of Colors

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Egyptian Art History

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Egyptian Art
Read about the architecture including the obelisks, temples and tombs. Some of the symbols used in ancient Egyptian art were similar to simple pictograms conveying stories and meanings through pictures of symbols and signs that signify and resemble the shapes of physical objects or people. Ideagrams were also used especially in hieroglyphic conveying complex ideas, feelings and emotions. This section on Egyptian Art is accompanied by pictures and fact sheets or fact files making the study of the Ancient Egyptians easy and informative. Kids and students will enjoy the learning process and demonstrate a high level of understanding of Egyptian Art following research on this site.

Egyptian Art and Artists
The role and life of an ancient Egyptian artists. Methods and techniques used by ancient Egyptian artists. The work of the Ancient Egyptian artists was dictated by strict conformity and rules that were adhered to for over three thousand years.  This unusual lack of change in artistic works helped to create a sense of order and balance. The styles, themes, colors, symbols used by Egyptian artists. The stylistic conventions of 'Frontality' and 'Axiality' used by Egyptian artists, proportions and scale. The patronage of artists and the Master, assistants and apprentices.

Egyptian Art History
Formal artistic rules defined ancient Egyptian art for over 3000 years. Egyptian Art History developed very slowly over different time periods on ancient Egyptian art history. Egyptologists divide the Egyptian art history time periods into six main phases: Early Dynastic, Old Kingdom, Middle Kingdom, New Kingdom, Late Period and Ptolemaic Egypt. This article provides comprehensive information and interesting facts about Egyptian art history in each of these periods. Facts about the materials, artists, artistic themes and stylistic conventions including 'Frontality' and 'Axiality' used in ancient Egyptian art history.

Egyptian Art - Sculpture
Great Sphinx of Gizaand the magnificent rock sculptures at Abu Simbel are the most famous examples of the massive sculptures created by the artists and sculptors of ancient Egypt. Facts and information about the artistic conventions and methods used by the sculptors in ancient Egypt. The different types and colors of the stone used in sculpture that symbolized permanence and eternity to the ancient Egyptians.

Egyptian Art - Color Symbolism and the Meaning of Colors
The ancient Egyptian artists used six basic colors in their artwork - white, black, red, green, blue and yellow. Each color held a special significance and meaning. Red was association with blood, green with fertility and regeneration, yellow with something that was imperishable or indestructible, blue with sky and water, black with death and the night and white with purity.






Egyptian Art Materials - Dyes and Pigments
The Art materials taken from the natural resources to create the colors used in Ancient Egypt. The natural resources used to create black, white, yellow, green, red and blue colors in dyes and pigments for use in hieroglyphics and paintings. Alabaster is a translucent, milky white color which was used to carve beads or statues.  Alabaster was also used to make the sacred tools used during the process of mummification and for Canopic jars.

Egyptian Art
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Egyptian Art

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