The Frog Talisman

Egyptian Talismans and Amulets - The Frog Amulet

The Talismans and Amulets of Ancient Egypt and facts about the Frog amulet symbolizing resurrection

Ancient Egyptians - The Frog Amulet
A comprehensive guide and fact sheet about the Frog. Discover fascinating facts and information about ancient Egypt and the Frog talisman.

Facts about the ancient Egyptian Frog amulet

The meaning of the talisman of Heket

It symbolized mortal life, rebirth and resurrection

The magical stones and color symbolism of talismans and amulets

Magical protective power of the Frog talisman

Good Luck and Protection

Magical talisman and amulet jewelry

An overview of the amulets, charms and talismans of ancient Egypt

Ancient Egyptians - The Frog
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Picture of the Frog Amulet

Frog Amulet

Facts about the Ancient Egyptian Frog Talisman
Discover interesting facts and information about ancient Egyptian magic the fast and easy way via the Frog amulet and talisman Fact sheet.

Ancient Egypt - The Frog Amulet Fact Sheet

Fact 1: The Frog was worn as a protective talisman by both the living and the deceased.

Fact 2: Meaning of the Frog: To the ancient Egyptians the Frog symbolized mortal life, rebirth and resurrection.

Fact 3: The Frog amulet was made of a variety of materials including gold, copper, different colored stone, steatite and glazed colored faience glass, especially in green or turquoise.

Fact 4: The frog amulet was worn for its magical powers against sickness, pain and suffering. It was also given to extend good wishes for the recovery from disease and as a talisman for a long life.

Fact 5: Heket, or Heqet, was the ancient Egyptian Frog-headed Goddess of childbirth. Egyptian women looked to her for protection during childbirth and wore amulets with her image. She was depicted in paintings and statues in human form with the head of a frog.

Fact 6: Heket was the wife of Khnum the god of procreation (reproduction) who moulded the child and its ka (soul) within the womb, giving it the breath of life and then maintaining the health of the infant child after birth.

Fact 7: Khnum was also a powerful protector of the Dead and the god of rebirth and resurrection. As the wife of Khnum Heket was also associated with resurrection. The frog amulet, when laid upon a mummy, was believed to contain the powers of Heket.

Fact 8: The frog amulet was also believed to prevent violation of the tomb.

Fact 9: A Talisman or an amulet can be described as a religious object consisting of a stone or other small item, often inscribed or carved with magical inscriptions, magic signs, magic symbols, formula or sacred text.

Ancient Egyptian Magic - The Frog Fact Sheet

Ancient Egyptian Talismans & Amulets
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Egypt and the Frog Amulet and Talisman
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