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A comprehensive illustrated guide to Egyptian Clothing and Jewelry. Discover fascinating facts and information about Egyptian Clothing and Jewelry. The styles of clothing by the men, women and children of ancient Egypt. The clothes worn by the pharaohs, kings, queens and princesses. The amazing headdresses and crowns that were shown in depictions of both gods and the rulers of ancient Egypt. The raw materials used to make the fabrics and materials used in ancient Egyptian Clothing, fashion, dress and headdresses.

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Ancient Egyptian Clothes, Dress, Clothing and Headdresses
Discover the history, culture and civilization of ancient Egypt and Egyptian Clothing and Jewelry. The way of life and the clothes and clothing of the ancient Egyptian men, women and children was dictated by the climate and weather in Egypt and the raw materials, plants and animals that were available to them. The natural resources and materials available to the ancient Egyptians provided the clothes, dress and clothing of the different social classes. The raw materials available in ancient Egypt, the climate and weather impacted the type of clothing worn. There was minimal regional variance across ancient Egypt and the River Nile made travel through the country easy by the use of boats and barges. The ancient Egyptian Headdresses and crowns are important to the history of ancient Egypt. The types of headdresses and crowns indicated the kingdoms that were ruled by the kings and queens of Egypt and the unusual styles of headdresses and crowns also distinguished the ancient Egyptian gods and their attributes. The dress, fashion, clothes and clothing of the men, women and children remained fairly constant across thousands of years. This section on Egyptian Clothing is accompanied by pictures and fact sheets or fact files making the study of the Ancient Egyptians easy and informative. Kids and students will enjoy the learning process and demonstrate a high level of understanding of Egyptian Clothing following research on this site.

Egyptian Clothing and Jewelry
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Ancient Egyptian Jewelry, Make-up & Perfume
Ancient Egyptian women and men both enjoyed wearing Egyptian Jewelry, Make-up & Perfume. There was even a god, named Nefertum, who was the god of perfume. Even the statues of the gods were adorned with make-up and the statues were also washed on a daily basis with perfume.  Egyptian perfume was believed to be a gift of the gods and fragrances feature strongly in the religious rituals practised in ancient Egypt. Ancient Egyptian jewelry was made of gold and less commonly from silver. The  precious and semi-precious stones and jewels used in the making of Egyptian jewelry included Turquoise, Carnelian, Chalcedony, Feldspar, Amethyst and Lapis lazuli. The different types of ancient Egyptian jewelry included included a variety of jewelry including amulets, necklaces, diadems, collars, collarettes, pendants, bracelets, rings, head jewelry, anklets and insignia.  The articles on Egyptian Jewelry is accompanied by pictures and fact sheets or fact files making the study of the Ancient Egyptians easy and informative.

Egyptian Clothing
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Egyptian Clothing

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