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The Meaning & Origin of Modern and Old Egyptian Names for Boys and Girls

Male and Female Egyptian Names with their origins and meanings

Modern and Old Egyptian Names
A comprehensive guide to modern and Egyptian Names for boys and girls. Discover fascinating facts and information about Egyptian Names and their meanings. This section also provides an A - Z dictionary that details the names of gods, goddesses and the names of important people, such as princes, princesses, kings and queens of Egypt. An easy guide the Egyptian names for boys and girls. Click one of the following links for additional information and interesting facts about subjects relating to the Egyptians.

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Egyptian Names & A - Z Names Dictionary
The section on modern and old Egyptian Names brings a little light relief from the history of ancient Egypt and includes unusual modern and ancient Egyptian names. The A - Z Egyptian names dictionary provides the meaning of gods names, names for boys, names for girls and that can even be used for inspiration when choosing a suitable name for a cat. The ancient Egyptian Dictionary provides facts and information with a fast reference guide to names of the famous people, gods, kings, pharaohs and queens that featured in Egyptian history. This article also contains facts and information about royal Egyptian naming traditions used by the kings and pharaohs of Egypt.

A - Z Egyptian Names for Boys and Girls
Click a link for modern and old male and female old Egyptian Names with information and interesting facts about the meanings and origins of old Egyptian Names for boys and girls.

A - Z Egyptian Names for Boys and Girls

A - Z Egyptian Names for Boys and Girls
Click a link to access the A - Z dictionary of old Egyptian Names for boys and girls. Discover the old Egyptian names of gods, goddesses, princes, princesses, kings and pharaohs of Egypt.

A - Z Old Egyptian Names: Origins and Meanings
The names, origins and meanings of these old Egyptian male and female names are very unusual. Discover facts about the names of the pharaohs who ruled Egypt and the names of the gods and  goddesses that they worshipped.

A - Z Modern Egyptian Names
The A - Z lists include modern Egyptian names for baby boys and girls. Our A - Z dictionary will appeal to those looking for traditional Egyptian names and also to those searching for modern names for baby boys and baby girls. Have fun discovering our unique range of unusual male and female baby names.

Royal Egyptian Names
Royal names include those of princes, princesses, kings, pharaohs and queens. Many of the names are over 3000 years old. The Royal Egyptian names have survived the test of time because they were carved into stone in a form of hieroglyphics. The following picture depicts images of the royal family of Ahmose I including his wife and royal prices and princesses. To the right of each of the family is a cartouche containing hieroglyphs of the names.

Names of Pharoahs and Queens

Royal Egyptian Names - Meaning of the Cartouche
The name of the Pharaohs, Kings and Queens of Egypt were represented in a cartouche. A cartouche was an oval, magical rope which surrounded and protected the hieroglyphics that spelt out the name of a King or Queen. The following cartouche contains the hieroglyphs for Nefertari, one of the most famous queens of Egypt.

Nefertari Cartouche

Nefertari Cartouche

Names of Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses
The names of the gods and goddesses of Egypt were not displayed within a cartouche. As deities they already possessed divine powers of protection. Isis was the ancient goddess of love, the moon, magic, fertility and healing. Her name in hieroglyphs was displayed as follows:

Translation of Hieroglyphics: Step throne, loaf of bead (giver of food), egg (fertility) and sign of sitting goddess

Royal Egyptian Names - Naming Traditions
The royal naming traditions included several names for the pharaoh or the king of Egypt. These different names are referred to as the royal titulary. The protocol or naming traditions of a Pharaoh included five names: the birth name or personal name (nomen), the throne name (preanomen) the Horus name, the Nebty name and the Horus of Gold name.

Egyptian Names - Meaning of the Birth Name (The Nomen)
The birth name was the personal name of the pharaoh and the name used by Egyptologists when referring to the king. The following hieroglyph depicts the name of King Thutmose III. His cartouche is preceded by his title shown as the hieroglyphs of a duck and a symbol of the sun god Ra - meaning that the pharaoh had the title of the 'Son of Ra'.

Egyptian Names - Meaning of the Throne Name (The Preanomen)
The Throne name was the most important, official name of the pharaoh. His cartouche is preceded by his title shown as the hieroglyphs of a sedge reed and a bee which relate to the symbols of Upper and Lower Egypt. 

Egyptian Names - Meaning of the Horus Name
The Horus name related to the divinity of the pharaoh and identified the king with a form of the god Horus. Horus was described as being the solar god and protector of the monarchy, courage & vanquishing enemies. Horus was one of the most ancient gods and was depicted as a falcon, or in human form with the head of a falcon. The rulers of Egypt were ‘followers of Horus’. The spirit of Horus, was believed to enter the pharaoh at his coronation and he became the earthly embodiment of the god. When the king died his spirit was merged with the god Osiris from where he could guide his successors.


Egyptian Names - Meaning of the Golden Horus Name
The Golden Horus name related to the concept of eternity and in hieroglyphs it always depicts of the horus falcon.

Egyptian Names - Meaning of the Nebty Name
The Nebty name related to the goddesses referred to as the 'Two Ladies' and symbolized the unification of Upper and Lower Egypt. The names of the two goddesses were Wadjet and Nekhbet. Nekhbet was the Egyptian white vulture goddess and protector of Upper Egypt in the south of the country. Wadjet was the snake or cobra goddess and protector of Lower Egypt in the north of the country. The Two Ladies are prominent on one of the most iconic images of Egypt - the 'Eye'.

The All-seeing Eye guarded by the Two Ladies

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