Egyptian Amulets - The Sa was for protection of young life

The Talismans and Amulets of Ancient Egypt and facts about the Sa amulet

Ancient Egyptians - The Sa Amulet
A comprehensive guide and fact sheet about the Sa. Discover fascinating facts and information about ancient Egypt and the Sa talisman.

Facts about the ancient Egyptian Sa amulet

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Ancient Egyptians - The Sa
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Facts about the Ancient Egyptian Sa Talisman
Discover interesting facts and information about ancient Egyptian magic the fast and easy way via the Sa amulet and talisman Fact sheet.

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Sa Amulet 


The Sa symbol

Ancient Egypt - The Sa Amulet Fact Sheet

Fact 1: The Sa was worn as a protective talisman, especially for the "protection of young life".

Fact 2: Meaning of the Sa: To the ancient Egyptians the Sa was a symbol of two gods who were popular with ordinary Egyptians as protectors of the home and the family.

Fact 3: The names of the deities associated with the Sa were Bes, the dwarf god and Taweret, the ancient Egyptian hippopotamus goddess. 

Fact 4: Both Taweret and Bes had a frightening appearance as a deterrent to all evil spirits, but were friendly and benign gods to the Egyptians. These two deities were seen by the ancient Egyptians as the adversaries of evil who guarded against evil spirits, misfortune and protected the house, home and family against intruders.

Fact 5: The Sa was a protective amulet favored by pregnant women and were given as protective talismans for newborn babies and young children.

Fact 6: The Sa was also associated with the Ankh as a symbol of life, immortality and reincarnation. The Ankh appears to be a modified version of the Sa.

Sa symbol
Symbol of the Sa

Symbol of the Ankh

Fact 7: The Sa was believed to represent the sunrise. The loop is a representation of the sun disk.

Fact 8: Stylised versions of the Sa were often created for female members or children of the royal family.

Fact 9: A Talisman or an amulet can be described as a religious object consisting of a stone or other small item, often inscribed or carved with magical inscriptions, magic signs, magic symbols, formula or sacred text.

Ancient Egyptian Magic - The Sa Fact Sheet

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Egypt and the Sa Amulet and Talisman
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