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Egyptian Talismans and Amulets - The Lotus

The Talismans and Amulets of Ancient Egypt and facts about the Lotus amulet that symbolized the sun, creation & rebirth

Ancient Egyptians - The Lotus Amulet
A comprehensive guide and fact sheet about the Lotus. Discover fascinating facts and information about ancient Egypt and the Lotus talisman.

Facts about the ancient Egyptian Lotus amulet

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Ancient Egyptians - The Lotus
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Facts about the Ancient Egyptian Lotus Talisman
Discover interesting facts and information about ancient Egyptian magic the fast and easy way via the Lotus amulet and talisman Fact sheet.

Ancient Egypt - The Lotus Amulet Fact Sheet

Fact 1: The Lotus was worn as a protective talisman by both the living and the deceased.

Fact 2: Meaning of the Lotus: To the ancient Egyptians the Lotus symbolized the sun, creation, rebirth and was a symbol of Upper Egypt. The lotus later became the symbol of the goddess Isis, representing the virtues of chastity in young girls and fertility in married women.

Fact 3: Common images of this iconic symbol of Egypt depicts the lotus being held by gods and goddesses towards the nose of royal kings, queens and Pharaohs as its scent was considered restorative and protective.

Fact 4: The Lotus flower featured in the ancient Egyptian creation myth. The lotus (or water lily) emerged from of original silt and the creator was born from the chalice of the lotus flower.

Fact 5: The lotus amulet was placed on mummies to ward off evil spirits.

Fact 6: Wearing the lotus amulet was believed to bring good luck

Fact 7: The Ancient Egyptians believed that the scent of the lotus had a divine origin and it was used in rituals, cosmetics, medicine and scented ointments.

Fact 8: There are numerous images in the vignettes illustrating the lotus in different versions of the Book of the Dead in which the deceased are shown smelling lotus blossoms to help restore the senses.

Fact 9: A Talisman or an amulet can be described as a religious object consisting of a stone or other small item, often inscribed or carved with magical inscriptions, magic signs, magic symbols, formula or sacred text.

Ancient Egyptian Magic - The Lotus Fact Sheet

Ancient Egyptian Talismans & Amulets
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Egypt and the Lotus Amulet and Talisman
Learning about the ancient Egyptians and the history of the Lotus amulet and talisman inspires everyone to visit historical sites and undertake Egypt Travel and Tours to experience the wonders of this magical land at first hand. Many people choose to experience a tour of Egypt on a Nile Cruise stopping at the famous destinations and sites of Egypt. The information and facts about the Lotus amulet will provide you with a great insight into the magic of Egypt and the legacy of the ancient Egyptians.

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