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The History of Egypt for Kids - 9th Dynasty

The Civilization of Ancient Egypt and facts about the line of pharaohs in the 9th Dynasty, the usurpers of Herakleopolis

Ancient Egyptians - 9th Dynasty
A comprehensive guide and fact sheet about the 9th dynasty of the 1st Intermediate Period. Discover fascinating facts and information about ancient Egypt and the 9th Dynasty of Ancient Egyptian pharaohs.

The definition of the 9th Dynasty

9th dynasty pharaohs timeline and chronology and the usurpers of Herakleopolis

9th dynasty Egyptian pharaohs starting with King Khety

History of the 9th dynasty of the 1st Intermediate Period

Facts and information about the 9th dynasty time period

9th dynasty line of succession - Names and dates

An overview of the history of the 9th Dynasty of ancient Egypt

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Definition of the 9th Dynasty
Definition: The 9th Dynasty of ancient Egypt consisted of a disorganized succession of rulers during the history time period known in ancient Egyptian history as the First Intermediate Period that occured between the periods of stability known as the Old Kingdom and the Middle Kingdom.

Ninth Dynasty Dates: Exact Dates Unknown
1st Intermediate Period covered 7th-10th Dynasties from c2181 - 2134BC

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History of the 9th Dynasty and its Pharaohs
Overview with interesting facts and information about the civilization and history of the 9th Dynasty Pharaohs and Kings of the 1st Intermediate Period in ancient Egyptian history.

Ancient Egyptian History - 9th Dynasty Fact Sheet

Fact 1 on 9th Dynasty: Despite the attempts by the 8th line of Memphis rulers to re-establish the divine status of the kings and so prevent insurrections a new powerful group emerged who were based in the city of Herakleopolis (see map below).

Fact 2 on 9th Dynasty: The violent usurpers of Herakleopolis seized power from the Memphis kings in the northern lands of Lower Egypt in the Nile Delta.

Fact 3 on 9th Dynasty: According to Manetho, an ancient Egyptian historian, the first King Khety was "terrible beyond all before him" and who "wrought evil things for those in all Egypt".

Fact 4 on 9th Dynasty: The Herakleopolitan rulers were unable to take control of Upper Egypt in the south who established their own provincial administration under the local control of the Nomarchs.

Fact 5 on 9th Dynasty: The Herakleopolitan rulers attempted to force administrative reforms in Upper Egypt. They abolished the title of Nomarch requiring the Nomes to be administered by priests, acting as local overseers, who were under the direct control of an "overseer of Upper Egypt."

Fact 6 on 9th Dynasty: The attempts of the Herakleopolitan rulers to strip power from the Nomarchs was successful in places such as Dendera but led to massive resentment and open hostilities, especially in Thebes, towards the northern rulers.

Fact 7 on 9th Dynasty: A country on the verge of Civil war is always a prime target for foreign invaders and Asian inhabitants of the desert areas, nomadic tribes of Bedouins, made tentative attempts at encroaching on Egyptian lands.

Fact 8 on 9th Dynasty: As well as the political strife and foreign threats the ancient Egyptians also suffered from a most terrible famine during this period. The famine was so severe in the far south of Egypt that some resorted to cannibalism.

Fact 9 on 9th Dynasty: The lives of ordinary Egyptians was difficult in this chaotic period in history. Much of their attention focussed on death and the possibility of a better existence in the Afterlife. The cult of Osiris, the god of the dead, was popular.

Fact 10 on 9th Dynasty: Ordinary Egyptians started to create their own small funerary monuments, such as simple tombstones or stele, in memory of the dead. This practise were no longer seen as the exclusive right of the king.

Fact 11 on 9th Dynasty: It is possible that a primitive protest against injustice emerged during this period. The story of the Eloquent Peasant was one of the most popular of ancient Egyptian tales. Despite terrible threats the Eloquent Peasant took his protests against injustice to the highest levels and prayed to the jackal-headed god Anubis for help. This was another example of the changing status of ordinary Egyptians.

Fact 12 on 9th Dynasty: Manetho accorded 19 kings to the 9th line of rulers who resided at Herakleopolis extending over a period of 146 years.

Ancient Egyptian History - 9th Dynasty Fact Sheet

History of the 9th Dynasty Pharaohs
Overview with interesting facts and information about the Pharaohs and Kings of the 1st Intermediate Period in ancient Egyptian history.

9th Dynasty Chronology - Succession and History of the Kings
The following 9th Dynasty Chronology details the names of the Kings and Pharaohs of the 9th Dynasty and the dates of the years during which they reigned, together with a map of ancient Egypt. This list is incomplete due to the turbulent nature of the period.

Chronology of the Kings

Name - Dates of Reign

King Khety or Khetys - Exact Dates Unknown

King Merekare - Exact Dates Unknown

King Senenh or Setut - Exact Dates Unknown

King Mer Khety - Exact Dates Unknown

Chronology of the Kings

9th Dynasty History
Discover fast, interesting fun facts about 9th Dynasty for kids with some amazing, cool and quick information about ancient Egypt and Egyptians. Ideal for children, homework, schools, teachers and kids of all ages! Find fascinating fun facts about the history and kings of this dynasty for kids and the history, culture and civilisation of the ancient Egyptians and ancient Egypt. Interesting, fun facts about 9th Dynasty for research, schools, students and kids of all ages.

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9th Dynasty
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