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Ancient Egyptians - Pharaoh Pepi I
A comprehensive guide and fact sheet about King Pepi I. Discover fascinating facts and information about the pharaohs of ancient Egypt.

Interesting facts & information about this ancient Egyptian King

The king that was first usurped by his half-brother

Major events in his life - the failed harem conspiracy

Fact based biography of the pharaoh and his trading expeditions and military campaigns led by General Weni

The life and accomplishments of this ancient Egyptian King

The famous people in his life

His two wives that were also sisters

An overview of Pharaoh Pepi I, a famous King of ancient Egypt

Ancient Egyptians - Pepi I
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Profile of Pharaoh Pepi I
The following profile provides a fast overview of Pepi I.

Profile of Pepi I

History Time Period: Old Kingdom

Dynasty: 6th Dynasty

Predecessor: Userkare

Parents: King Teti and Queen Iput

Dates of his Reign: 2289 - 2255 BC

Principal Wives: Ankhesenpepi I & Ankhesenpepi II

Successor: Merenre and then Pepi II

King Pepi I
Interesting facts, biography & information about the life of Pharaoh Pepi I, the ancient Egyptian King. The Pharaoh Pepi I fact sheet provides details of the major events and accomplishments in his life, his consort and his family. Information about the dynasty and period in ancient Egyptian history in which King Pepi I lived. Refer to Pharaohs for additional interesting facts and information.

Ancient Egyptian King - Pepi I Fact Sheet

Fact 1 on Pepi I: Name: This pharaoh of ancient Egypt was also known as Pepi I Meryre. His name means "beloved of Ra".

Fact 2 on Pepi I: History: This young king had a chequered history as it is believed that after the murder of his father King Teti, the throne was usurped by his half-brother Userkare. Userkare only reigned for a short period of just three years when the kingdom of Egypt was restored to Pepi I, the rightful heir.

Fact 3 on Pepi I: During this period in ancient Egyptian history the power of the pharaoh was in decline resulting in considerable political intrigue.

Fact 4 on Pepi I: Family: His father was King Teti and his mother was Queen Iput. Queen Iput was the daughter of King Unas the last king of the 5th dynasty. The marriage between his parents would have helped to legitimize his family's original claim to the throne.

Fact 5 on Pepi I: Queen Iput, helped by two important courtiers called Weni and Fefi, was instrumental in restoring the throne to the rightful heir, the young Pepi.

Fact 6 on Pepi I: Queen Iput assumed the role as his regent in his first years.

Fact 7 on Pepi I: Weni and Fefi held much of the power in the royal court of King Pepi. Weni 9aka Uni) was the general of the army and Fefi (aka Merefnebef) was the vizier (Prime Minister).

Fact 8 on Pepi I: In the tomb of General Weni there is mention of “a secret charge in the royal harem against the Great of Sceptre”.  This was another 'harem conspiracy' when Queen Weret-yamtes (aka Amtes or Yamtisy) a consort of Pepi, was involved in a plot to overthrow the king and Queen Amtes disappeared from the court.

Fact 9 on Pepi I: The pharaoh was married to a number of wives whose names were Meritites IV, Nubwenet, Inenek-Inti, Mehaa and and Nedjeftet.

Fact 10 on Pepi I: The names of two of his later and most important wives were sisters called Ankhesenpepi I and Ankhesenpepi II. Both of these sister queens gave birth to successors of Pepi. The son of Ankhenespepi I was Merenre I and the son of Ankhenespepi II was Pepi II. Ankhesenpepi I and Ankhesenpepi II were the daughters of a influential, non-royal man called Khuy of Abydos who held considerable power in the region of Thinis.

Fact 11 on Pepi I: It was acceptable for the pharaoh to practise Polygamy, meaning he had more than one wife at the same time. Having several wives or concubines in the Royal Harem enabled the pharaoh to maintain his dynasty and ensure the line of succession of his family.

Fact 12 on Pepi I: Ankhesenpepi I and Ankhesenpepi II were the daughters of a influential, non-royal man called Khuy (aka Khui) of Abydos who held considerable power in the region of Thinis. The son of Khuy called Djau was also raised to a high ranking official and served as an advisor to King Pepi.

Ancient Egyptian King - Pepi I Fact Sheet

Pharaoh Pepi I
Discover fast, interesting fun facts about Pharaoh Pepi I for kids with some amazing, cool and quick information about ancient Egypt and Egyptians. Ideal for children, homework, schools, teachers and kids of all ages! Find fascinating fun facts about Pepi I for kids and the history, culture and civilisation of the ancient Egyptians and ancient Egypt. Interesting, fun facts about this king of Egypt for research, schools, students and kids of all ages.

King Pepi I
Learn about this ancient Egyptian pharaoh the fast and easy way via the Pepi I Fact sheet.

Ancient Egyptian King - Pepi I Fact Sheet

Fact 13 on Pepi I: The reign of Pepi I was both prosperous and eventful. The harem conspiracy involving one of his wives failed and the queen disappeared from court.

Fact 14 on Pepi I: New trade routes were established via the Eastern Desert to the Red Sea. Trading expeditions were initiated along the Mediterranean coast to Byblos in Lebanon and to the Land of Punt.

Fact 15 on Pepi I: Military campaigns, led by General Weni, were launched in the gold rich Nubia on the southern border of Egypt and garrisons and trading posts were established in the area. General Weni led the Egyptians to a great victory against the Nubians at Tumas in Nubia, about 150 miles south of Aswan.

Fact 16 on Pepi I: King Pepi and General Weni also led troops against the Bedouins in the Sinai region and in Canaan.

Fact 17 on Pepi I: Under the leadership of King Pepi and General Weni a series of canals, connecting the Nile with the quarries, were constructed just above the First Cataract. This water connections enabled large blocks of granite to be transported to the building site of Pepi's pyramid.

Fact 18 on Pepi I: Pepi was a prolific builder and built his pyramid at Saqqara, which contained pyramid texts. He also built large temples at Abydos, Dendera, Tanis, Bubastis and Coptos.

Fact 19 on Pepi I: High ranking officials also started to build great tombs that rivalled those built by kings, a firm indication that the wealth of Egypt was being transferred from the royal court to the non-royal officials.

Fact 20 on Pepi I: He was succeeded by Merenre and then Pepi II.

Ancient Egyptian King - Pepi I Fact Sheet

King Pepi I and the 6th Dynasty
The following chart provides the names of the kings and the line of succession in the 6th Dynasty together with a map of ancient Egypt.

6th Dynasty

Name - Dates of Reign

King Teti - 2323–2291 BC

King Userkare - 22912289 BC

King Pepi I - 2289–2255 BC

King Merenre I - 2255–2246 BC

King Pepi II - 2246–2152 BC

King Merenre II - Dates Unknown

Queen Nitocris - Dates Unknown

Succession of the Kings

Pepi I
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Pepi I

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