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The Civilization and Culture of Ancient Egypt and 50 facts about Egyptian History

Ancient Egyptians - Egyptian History
A comprehensive guide and fact sheet about Egyptian History. Discover fascinating facts and information about the civilization of ancient Egypt and Egyptian History.

Short History of Egyptian civilization and events

Early Dynastic period when the first dynasty of kings was founded

The Old Kingdom known as the "Age of the Pyramids"

Middle Kingdom when the horse and the chariot were introduced

New Kingdom and the most famous & fascinating Pharaohs

Late Period of decline and chaos & the end of the Egyptian Empire

Ptolemaic Egypt and conquest by the Greeks and Romans

A brief overview of the Historical events, Culture & Civilization of ancient Egypt

Ancient Egyptians - Egyptian History
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All about Ancient Egyptians

Egyptian History & Civilisation

Ancient Egyptian History
Ancient Egyptian History covered thousands of years. The sphinx and the pyramids are the most iconic symbols of Egypt and over a period of almost 1,500 years in ancient Egyptian history a total of 118 pyramids were constructed. Egyptologists and historians divide the years relating to long history of ancient Egypt into the following historical time periods:

Ancient Egyptian Time Periods

Prehistoric Egypt 5000 - 3100 BCE

The Early Dynastic Period: 3100 - 2686 BCE

The Old Kingdom 2686 - 2181 BCE

1st Intermediate Period 2181- 2134 BCE

The Middle Kingdom 2134 - 1782 BCE

2nd Intermediate Period 1782 -1550 BCE

The New Kingdom1550 -1069 BCE

3rd Intermediate Period 1069 - 664 BCE

The Late Period664 - 332 BCE

Ptolemaic Egypt 332 - 30 BCE

Roman & Byzantine Egypt 30 BCE - 641 CE

The Intermediate periods brought only minor changes to the civilization, and the decline of the ancient Egyptian Empire occured when the Greeks and Romans conquered Egypt. Egyptologists and historians usually divide the history of ancient Egypt into 31 dynasties up to the arrival of Alexander the Great. The Kings of Egypt were not called 'Pharaoh' until the New Kingdom, however 'Pharaoh' is the term we commonly use today to describe all of the rulers and kings of ancient Egypt. The Queens of Egypt were also given the title of pharaoh.

Facts about Ancient Egyptian History - Fact Sheets
The following fact sheets provide a fast overview and short history of the civilization of ancient Egypt in an uncluttered and simple format, ideal for research and a fast appreciation of the history of Egyptian civilization for kids. Each fact sheet provides details of the main events during the main historical time periods of Egypt.

Ancient Egypt - Egyptian History Fact Sheet

Early Dynastic Period: 3100 - 2686 BCE

Fact 1 on Egyptian History: African culture in Southern Egypt (called Upper Egypt) gradually gave way to the culture of Northern Egypt (called Lower Egypt)

Fact 2 on Egyptian History: The history of ancient Egyptian civilization was based on the worship of many gods

Fact 3 on Egyptian History: Representations of most of their gods were depicted with the heads of humans but some were depicted as 'human hybrids'  with the bodies of humans but with the heads of animals or supernatural creatures.

Fact 4 on Egyptian History: A series of conflicts resulted in the start of political unity

Fact 5 on Egyptian History: Central government and the emergence of a cultural identity

Fact 6 on Egyptian History: Period before the real power of the pharaohs

Fact 7 on Egyptian History: The 1st Egyptian Dynasty was founded by King Narmer(also refer to Menes)

The Old Kingdom 26862181 BCE

Fact 8 on Egyptian History: Politically stable and prosperous

Fact 9 on Egyptian History: Autonomous rule of the kings or pharaohs established

Fact 10 on Egyptian History: Pharaohs adopted the divine status and role of mediator with the gods

Fact 11 on Egyptian History: Building of elaborate burial sites

Fact 12 on Egyptian History: Step Pyramid at Saqqara built by King Djoser

Fact 13 on Egyptian History: Use of weapons and tools made of copper and bronze

Fact 14 on Egyptian History: Exploitation of Nubia

Fact 15 on Egyptian History: Increased power of the Vizier (Prime Minister) towards the end of the period

Fact 16 on Egyptian History: Emergence of the worship of the sun god Ra and the building of obelisks

Fact 17 on Egyptian History: Pyramid chambers were inscribed with spells for the afterlife - the Pyramid Texts were for the exclusive use of the Pharaohs.

Fact 18 on Egyptian History: Hieroglyphic writing: Pyramid Texts created exclusively for the pharaoh

Fact 19 on Egyptian History: Building technology increased and three massive, smooth surfaced pyramids were built as the tombs of pharaohs at Giza.

Fact 20 on Egyptian History: The Old Kingdom was called the "Age of the Pyramids."

1st Intermediate Period 2181- 2134 BCE

Ancient Egypt - Egyptian History Fact Sheet

Ancient Egyptian History - The Dynasties of Ancient Egypt
Historians divide Ancient Egyptian history into 31 dynasties. A Dynasty consisted of a succession of kings from the same family who succeeded each other on the throne by right of inheritance.

Ancient Egyptian Dynasties

Ancient Egytian Dynasties

Early Dynastic Period: 1st - 2nd Dynasties

The Old Kingdome 3rd - 6th Dynasties

1st Intermediate Period 7th - 10th Dynasties

The Middle Kingdom 11th - 12th Dynasties

2nd Intermediate Period 13th - 20th Dynasties

The New Kingdom 18th - 20th Dynasties

Post Empire 21st - 31st Dynasties

Facts about Ancient Egyptian History
Learn about the history and civilization of ancient Egypt the fast and easy way via the ancient Egyptian Historical Fact sheet. Short, brief and concise history facts and info.

Ancient Egypt - Egyptian History Fact Sheet

The Middle Kingdom 21341782 BCE

Fact 21 on Egyptian History: Internal and External power struggles. The Middle Kingdom Empire was overthrown by the invasion of the Hyksos, or shepherd princes from Asia, who ruled over Egypt, for several centuries. The Hyksos introduced the horse and the chariot to ancient Egypt.

Fact 22 on Egyptian History: Military campaigns in Nubia.

Fact 23 on Egyptian History: Fortresses were built and standing armies established.

Fact 24 on Egyptian History: Feudal organization established, overseen by Nomarchs. Nomarchs were appointed to rule the 42 administrative and religious districts of ancient Egypt, called Nomes.

Fact 25 on Egyptian History: Religion of ancient Egypt focused on funerary and mortuary religious beliefs.

Fact 26 on Egyptian History: The Coffin Texts were created for ordinary Egyptians.

2nd Intermediate Period 1782 -1550 BCE

The New Kingdom 15501069 BCE

Fact 27 on Egyptian History: Ancient Egypt reached the height of its power

Fact 28 on Egyptian History: Military expeditions: Eastern coast of the Mediterranean under Egyptian rule. The ancient Egyptians fought the Hittites for control of the highly lucrative trade routes to Mesopotamia.

Fact 29 on Egyptian History: The Pharaoh Akhenaten (the father of Tutankhamen) established a new religious order at Armana worshipping the sun god Aten and banned the worship of other gods.

Fact 30 on Egyptian History: The revolutionary changes of the Armana period of Akhenaten lasted for only for 16 years and the Egyptians revert back to the 'old' religion.

Fact 31 on Egyptian History: Egypt conquers the African land of Nubia. Viceroys were appointed to control and collect tributes from the Nubians.

Fact 32 on Egyptian History: Nubians retaliate & conquer Egypt but their stay in power lasted for less than one hundred years.

Fact 33 on Egyptian History: Ancient Egyptians experienced the influences & cultures of foreign civilizations including their successful use of the chariot in ancient Egyptian warfare.

Fact 34 on Egyptian History: The Pyramid Texts and the Coffin Texts evolve into the collective texts known as the  Book of the Dead.

Fact 35 on Egyptian History: There was a surge in funerary and mortuary religious beliefs of ancient Egyptians.

Fact 36 on Egyptian History: Egyptian Priests acquire unprecedented power, and more religious cult centers emerged during this period.

Fact 37 on Egyptian History: Period of great wealth, luxury and power, a new age of experiment and invention.

Fact 38 on Egyptian History: A period of new ideas but ultimately led back to the culture of 'old' Egypt

Ancient Egypt - Egyptian History Fact Sheet

Facts about Ancient Egyptian History
Discover fast, interesting fun facts about the civilization of ancient Egypt for kids with some amazing, cool and quick information about ancient Egypt and Egyptians. Ideal for children, homework, schools, teachers and kids of all ages! Find fascinating fun facts about the civilization of ancient Egypt for kids and the history, culture and civilisation of the ancient Egyptians and ancient Egypt. Interesting, fun facts about the civilization of ancient Egypt for research, schools, students and kids of all ages. Short, brief and concise history facts and info.

Ancient Egypt - Egyptian History Fact Sheet

The Late Period 664332 BCE

Fact 39 on Egypt Civilization: A period of decline and chaos

Fact 40 on Egypt Civilization: Peaceful start until the Assyrians invade Egypt

Fact 41 on Egypt Civilization: The Persians oust the Assyrians and conquer Egypt in 525BC

Fact 42 on Egypt Civilization: Temples desecrated and demolished

Fact 43 on Egypt Civilization: Military defeat of Persia by the Greeks at Marathon in 490 B.C .

The Ptolemaic Egypt 33230 BCE

Fact 44 on Egypt Civilization: The Persians ousted when Egypt is conquered by Alexander the Great

Fact 45 on Egypt Civilization: The Ptolemaic dynasty established by Alexander under his general who is created King Ptolemy I.

Fact 46 on Egypt Civilization: The city of Alexandria was founded and its Great Library established

Fact 47 on Egypt Civilization: The great Lighthouse of Alexandria was built

Fact 48 on Egypt Civilization: Egypt was dominated and influenced by foreigners

Fact 49 on Egypt Civilization: The Ptolemaic Queen Cleopatra becomes the mistress of Julius Caesar

Fact 50 on Egypt Civilization: Queen Cleopatra then marries Mark Anthony

Fact 51 on Egypt Civilization: Octavian defeats Anthony and Cleopatra at Battle of Actium

Fact 52 on Egypt Civilization: Egypt becomes a province of the Roman Empire

Fact 53 on Egypt Civilization: In a short time period of just 100 years the culture and civilisation of ancient Egypt is lost and their hieroglyphic form writing was no longer used or remembered...

Ancient Egypt - Egyptian History Fact Sheet

Egyptian History and Civilization
Learning about the ancient Egyptians and Egyptian History inspires everyone to visit historical sites and undertake Egypt Travel and Tours to experience the wonders of this magical land at first hand. Many people choose to experience a tour of Egypt on a Nile Cruise stopping at the famous destinations and sites of Egypt such as the Pyramids of Giza and the Great Sphinx. The information and facts about Egyptian History will provide you with a great insight into Egypt and the legacy of the ancient Egyptians.

Egyptian History & Civilization

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